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Dhyanalinga Yantra

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Distant from the distractions of the world,

A dedicated space for your inner growth.

An intimate corner of your own, enveloping you like a cocoon.

Dhyanalinga Yantra is the tool that transforms and energizes the space it is kept in, making it conducive for spiritual practices and helps intensify them.

Consecrated in the sphere of Dhyanalinga, the yantra exudes its powerful energies. The basic thrust of the energies of Dhyanalinga is to foster spiritual growth and evolution of a person.

Bring home the grace of Dhyanalinga and embark on a journey of self-transformation

Dimensions in inches

Length - 7.5

Breadth - 0.5

Height - 9.4

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Dhyanalinga Yantra

  • £283.00
    Unit price per 

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