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Handmade Natural Earth Fragrance Cone, 20 Pcs

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In Ayurveda, all the five elements of nature (Pancha Bhootas) are known to have a certain effect over your health and well-being.

This pack of natural incense cones are dedicated to Bhoomi (Earth element) which signifies nourishment, patience, thoughtfulness, abundance and stability.

Made from quality ingredients, Isha Life's pack of 20 handcrafted cones comes with a holder to balance the cones.

On lighting up, the aromatic cones fill up the ambience with an elevating fragrance.

You can use these fragrant cones in your pooja room or during sadhana.

With these cones, you know that you are inhaling pure, natural fragrance with zero artificial fragrances.

  • Comes in a set of 20.
  • Handcrafted aromatic cones are made from natural ingredients.
  • Includes a holder to keep the cones stable.
  • A fragrance dedicated to one of the five elements, Bhoomi or Earth.
  • Handcrafted natural incense cones made from natural ingredients.
  • No carbon, synthetic fragrance or chemicals to enhance burning.

Handmade Natural Earth Fragrance Cone, 20 Pcs

  • £3.00
    Unit price per 

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