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Hammered Copper Water Bottle

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We all know that water is life giving; and it makes sense to be thoughtful about the way you store it! For thousands of years, Ayurveda has been prescribing storing water in copper vessels, as it is known to balance your three doshas – vata, pitta and kapha. Today, the antibacterial properties of water stored in copper are known all over the globe.

Pick this beautiful hammered copper bottle to enjoy the health benefits of drinking copper-infused water that reverberates with positive health. Plus, this copper water bottle has a stylised silhouette with a leak-proof cap that has the Isha seal.

Why will you love Isha Life's Copper Water Bottle?

-          Capacity of 950 ml; perfect for personal use

-          Leak-proof cap with Isha Seal embossed on it

-           Copper-infused water can cleanse your system of toxins

-  Combination of water and copper is known to be anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory

Sadhguru Says: “Because water has memory, we must be very concerned with how we store it.”

Read the complete article: Water has memory!

Click here for information on how to clean copper products

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Hammered Copper Water Bottle

  • £28.00
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