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Consecrated Silver Snake Ring

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In Yogic tradition, the ring finger has an important role to play in rituals. If you want to take vibhuthi or kumkum, you use this finger to apply it. Wearing a metal ring, especially made of copper or silver, by a seeker on the ring finger stabilizes the body and provides the fundamental support for sadhana or spiritual practices. Since ancient times, many metals like copper, gold, silver, brass are known to have healing properties.

Our carefully crafted silver snake ring is made at Isha Yoga Center under Sadhguru’s guidance and goes through a process of consecration before being offered to seekers. Meant to be worn at all times, it can enhance your energies.

Ring S: Inner Diameter 17.50 mm, Weight:0.005 Kg
Ring M: Inner Diameter 19.50mm, Weight: 0.005 Kg
Ring L: Inner Diameter 20.64mm, Weight: 0.006 Kg

Why Isha Life’s Snake Silver Ring?

  • Consecrated ring       
  • Known to offer support for spiritual practices
  • Made of silver

How to wear this Snake Silver Ring?

It should be worn on the ring finger of the left hand with the snakehead facing upwards.

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Consecrated Silver Snake Ring

  • £33.00
    Unit price per 

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